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Michal Nižňan
Michal Nižňan
English, German

Michal Nižňan

EU Affairs Counsel

Ružička Csekes s. r. o.
Vysoká 2/B
811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia
T +421 2 32 33 34 31
F +421 2 32 33 34 43

Michal started to work for our firm in 2013, previously he worked both in the private, and in the public sectors (the National Council of the Slovak Republic) in Slovakia and abroad.

His focus is on consulting in the field of European Union law and the public procurement law; he participates in representing clients before the European Commission services. In particular, he specializes in the issues of funding from the European Union funds. Michal has provided legal advice also on the state aid issue, focusing mainly on legislation of the European Union, and has actively participated in educational activities and events in this area abroad. In addition, he advised on regulatory issues concerning the rail transport area.

Michal is fluent in German and in English.

2008, Faculty of Law, University of Vienna, Austria (Mag. Iur.)
2012, Faculty of Law, University of Vienna, Austria (Dr. Iur.)